Case study


As part of a design festival we were asked to manage the lighting for a 2 week pop-up department store with Tom Dixon. Department brands included Aston Martin, Resident (NZ), and Sony. The brief was to create a department store of the future housing technological and design brands.

Define Space
The site was a large, run-down, disused building shell with existing fluorescent lighting and relatively little daylight or heating. The materials were rough, hard and in a monotonous concrete finish. To add colour and a sense of livelihood we used coloured gels to cover the existing fluorescent tubes. We used different colours to help designate zones and create identifiable departments such as pink over the beauty area, green over natural products and warming filters over food.

Wow Factor
In contrast to standard department stores which provide a high level wash of neutral white light we used oversized halogen spotlights. These large theatrical fittings gave an immediate technological design edge and provided sparkle, heating and warm pools of light to each display area. With a mixed of hard and soft focussed beams we were able to provide an interesting play of light and shadow which provides depth and intrigue.

Our involvement included arranging power distribution to the various decorative and architectural lighting pieces, specifying the rigging and mounting grids, measuring and calculating lighting metrics, and on site focussing and adjusting of spotlights.

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