A full and flexible
range of services

As independent design consultants our involvement in each project is only restricted by the clients needs. Our full range of services stretches from concept stage right through to post construction and on projects ranging from city master planning to small bespoke design.

We are also flexible to work with you for just one service or stage which means you can tailor our involvement to the particular services you require.

Architectural lighting

Our tailored lighting solutions are presented to you in a conceptual package which allows you to visualise how the lighting will interact with the space and materials. For us good architectural lighting should provide flexibility to suit any task and create any mood.

Bespoke lighting

Custom lighting products should not only provide a complimentary aesthetic, but also deliver an attractive and functional lit appearance. With a balance between lighting technology and good design our solutions look and act the part.

Architainment lighting

Creative project oversight for architainment and pop-up events. With our expertise in temporary lighting setups and technology, we can help you to create that unique scene or vibe for your next event balancing theatrical and soft lighting effects.

Art and installation lighting

The weird and wonderful world of light art at your fingertips! Whether you want something unusual to turn an empty space into a location or something outrageous to keep to all to yourself, let us bring some fun and wow to your space with some out there one off pieces.

Lighting calculations

Provide us with the drawings and we will perform lighting calculations to meet the numerical lighting requirements. We use the latest lighting calculation software to present a 3D representation and scaled plans with lighting numerics.

Lighting peer review

Not happy with someone else’s design or need a second eye? We review and comment on lighting designs by others, using our extensive knowledge to highlight potential areas of concern or ways the lighting can be improved.

Lighting visualisations

Not sure if your lighting design is giving you the result you want? We perform 3D visuals using rendering packages or use hand sketches to show you what the lighting will do. This is an easy way for you to manage the overall look between different scenes within a space.

Dialux Evo Training

“Dialux Evo” is the lighting designers calculation program of choice. For a small investment in training you can have access to a free software package that ensures you and your staff will be able to provide attractive visuals and export lighting numerics for your interior and exterior projects. Our director has over 10 years experience in Dialux training in 1-1 or group workshops.

Talk to us

No project or scope is too big or too small.
We can provide simple one-off advice if you just need someone to talk to about one aspect of your design. Our collaborative approach means we can meet project deadlines for projects of any scale in New Zealand or internationally.