Bespoke services

We offer fixed-fee and ad-hoc services at all design stages from concept to post construction for bespoke luminaire design.

Every project is unique and so are our services. Tell us about your particular requirements or browse our most common design packages below.

Phase 1 - Concept

After a brief from the client we present several unique solutions that meet the aesthetic and technical requirements.

We use Sketches, Mixed Media, Renders and Mood images to convey each idea, giving you a snapshot of the overall style, scale, materiality and lighting effect

Phase 2 - Developed

After feedback we refine the design in our design software, offering renders of the luminaire in situ, showing critical design features, materials and palette.

We show what light sources we are considering and how they will act and how the lighting layers will be controlled and distributed.

We also offer indicative pricing to ensure the design will meet the cost expectations.

Phase 3 - Detailed

We create fabrication drawings showing structural elements and fixation details. Our fabrication drawings include scaled plans, elevations and wiring diagrams.

We specify the integrated lighting elements and power supplies. If required we also 3D print various components for coordination with the client, design team and fabricators.

We ask our fabricators to comment on the design, price the design and offer lead times.

Phase 4 - Prototype

We meet with our fabricators to discuss our drawings and specifications to ensure they are aware of the technicalities and quality expectations.

We create a prototype or fabricate specific components that enable the client and design team to check materials, finishes and quality before approving the entire build.

Phase 5 - Construction

We review the fabrication process periodically to make sure everything is going to plan and coordinate the design process with the wider project team, updating them on electrical connection and delivery times.

We review the final product with the client or design representative to ensure the design and quality is sound and coordinate delivery of the luminaire with the contractors.

Phase 6 - Refine

We oversee the delivery process to ensure the luminaire arrives in perfect condition. We oversee installation of the lighting by either the nominated contractor or our installation team.

We ensure the fitting is electrically connected, structurally sound and clean.

We test the light fitting on the control system and adjust the lighting if required to set the final ambience and then hand it over to you to enjoy.


Choose from our pre-defined design packages which have been created from our most common requests.

For an individualised approach please contact us for our full “pick and choose” service menu.



  • Visualisation showing lighting distribution, scale and finishes
  • Schematic drawings showing dimensions and fixing
  • Details for intended suppliers
  • Pricing

For basic Pendants, Linear and Geometric arrangements


  • Mood board with initial ideas
  • Presentation of several unique ideas following feedback
  • Mood images showing intended style, materiality and scale
  • Lighting calculations showing intensity and lighting distribution
  • Specifications showing intended light sources for integration
  • Information regarding lighting controls and power suppliers

For One-off and Bespoke items


  • Fabrication drawings showing overall dimensions
  • Detailing indicating critical design features such as fixation and structure
  • Coordination with our fabrication teams
  • Prototyping where required
  • 3D printing of special components
  • Fabrication oversight
  • Specification and ordering of lighting components and power supplies
  • Review of finished product prior to delivery
  • Oversight of installation and connection to control system

Includes all services from “Conceptualise” package.

Contact us for our competitive hourly rate for one-off or particular services.

All packages include a free consultation meeting at our studio in Mount Eden.

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