Bespoke Product Design Process

Looking for something unique?

Our bespoke design process allows you to choose a direction from our initial conceptual options and then refine those through design stages.

Dark Arts can manage the integration of lighting, wiring, lighting controls and fabrication. This means you just need to make design decisions and let us do the work at turning your vision into reality.

Phase #1


We gather information about the environment, style and scale of the project and build a design fee around your requirements.

  • Initial briefings with design team/client
  • Handover of design motifs and design personality
  • Establish cost and timing expectations

Meet with us in our Auckland studio or on site to share your dream and ask us about how we work.


Phase #2


We present several unique solutions that meet the aesthetic and technical requirements. We use sketches, renders and mood images to convey each idea, giving you a snapshot of the overall style, scale, materiality and lighting effect

  • Mood board showing lighting by layers for your edit
  • Visualisations, renders and/or sketches to help visualise
    the concept/aesthetics
  • Lighting calculations to convey lit effect and intensity
  • Preliminary budget to manage the cost
Phase #3

Developed Design

After feedback we refine the design in our design software, offering renders of the luminaire in situ, showing critical design features, materials and palette.

  • Indicative light sources for integrated lighting
  • Drawings that indicate material and scale
  • Investigation into NZ standards
  • Lighting controls and wiring study
Phase #4

Detailed Design

We create fabrication drawings showing structural elements and fixation details. Our fabrication drawings include scaled plans, elevations and wiring diagrams.

  • Full specifications with technical details
  • Fabrication drawings for the workshop
  • Electrical and mechanical detailing
  • Meeting with fabricators for pricing and construction
  • 3D printing & prototyping
Phase #5

Contract Administration

We meet with our fabricators to discuss our drawings and specifications to ensure they are aware of the technicalities and quality expectations.

  • Review of workshop fabrication drawings
  • Analysis of fabrication pricing
  • Review of alternative designs from fabricators
  • Review of design to meet project timeline

We attend ongoing reviews of the design process at the workshop to ensure quality control and management to your schedule.


Phase #6


We review the fabrication process periodically to make sure everything is going to plan and coordinate the design process with the wider project team, updating them on electrical connection and delivery times.

  • Answering questions from the workshop
  • Quality control
  • Inspection of completed design at workshop and approval
  • Delivery coordination between Contractors, installers and suppliers/manufacturers
Phase #7

Post Construction

We oversee delivery and installation to ensure there is no damage to the fixture or building and to ensure the fitting is mounted and wired correctly.

  • Supervision of light focussing (aiming spotlights etc.)
  • Direction of lighting control system programming
  • Oversee cleaning and final prep work
  • Providing operation or maintenance manuals
  • Handover to client/end user