Residential Lighting Services

Lighting design that transforms a house into a home

Good lighting allows the personality of the owner to shine through.

Without good lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought-out details – artwork, sumptuous furnishings, opulent flooring, luxurious wall coverings – will be lost. For these ‘finishing touches’ you need to plan the lighting early.

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Independent Lighting

Using an independent lighting designer gives you a greater range of products to choose, you literally have the world of products at your doorstep!

Dark Arts specify both architectural and decorative lighting, so you only need to talk to one lighting expert.

Our independence also allows for unbiased reviews on all costs and products. We never accept a margin on any product sales, our focus is on the best design on budget.

Automation & Controls

Your home is a busy environment with lots of activities. We design around your busy lifestyle to provide flexible lighting scenes that enable relaxation, work and play.

We work closely with electricians and lighting controls specialists to ensure the design is correctly circuited, allowing for dimming between lighting layers with automated timing and scenes using intelligent controls.

Decorative Lighting

If you’re looking for the perfect piece, we can provide you a range of options based on your personal style and tie the design across to pendants, wall lights, floor, or table lamps.

Our review process ensures the decorative lighting is dimmable or bright enough for the area and whether we need to back it up with architectural lighting.

Other Services

Artwork Lighting

Our clients have some beautiful artwork, but without good lighting who would even know! With experience in art galleries and museums Dark Arts can bring a sense of wonder into your home.

We can work out the perfect brightness, placement and beam angle to illuminate your art for increased perception and reduced glare.

Daylight Design

Unsure if a space is receiving sufficient natural light?

We can model and calculate lighting levels for your house or a particular room.

Dark Arts can recommend appropriate screening, blinds or curtains to reduce glare and maximise daylight and remedy low daylight levels with good lighting design.

Lighting Commissioning

Our on-site commissioning process ensures all the lighting is adjusted, focussed appropriately and set to the right level.

We set scenes that enable you to effortlessly shift your spaces from a working zone to an inviting ambience for that night-time event with friends and family.

Conceptual Lighting

Early lighting design concepts are too often presented to clients as dots on a 2 dimensional floor plan. This process does nothing to convey the mood or vibe that lighting can provide.

Our conceptual process allows our clients to quickly see how the lighting will interact with spaces in a 3 dimensional setting by way of application images, renders and sketches.

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