Residential Lighting Process

Lighting design tailored to you

Our involvement in every project is different. We offer a flexible range of services stretching from Dream Phase to Post-Construction that allow our clients to choose what help they need.

If you’re looking for a price on a project or want to learn more about how we work, please contact us and attach any files that you think might be relevant.

We also offer on-site consultations for refurbishment projects if you just want to pick our brain and learn more about how we can help.

Phase #1

Dream Stage

Early alignment of lighting with architecture will save you time, money, and really get you thinking about how you will be using the spaces, which will vastly improve the outcome of your new build or renovation project.

  • Initial consultancy at our studio or yours to go through your plans
  • Review of our services so you can tailor our scope
  • Analysis of daylight and building orientation
  • Handover of design motifs and design personality
  • A Fee Proposal/Quote for our works back within 1 week
Phase #2


Lighting design in 3 dimensions allows you to easily understand how the space will behave under different scenes and at different times of the day.

  • Lighting mood board so you can choose what layers you like
  • Visuals and/or renders showing how light will interact with your space
  • Scaled lighting plans with notation
  • Overview of decorative lighting
  • Pricing estimate by lighting layer so you can control the cost
Phase #3

Developed Design

Our architectural perfectionism comes into play by turning your preferences and design concepts into a working set of scaled lighting plans, including open lighting specifications, lighting zoning and circuiting plans.

  • Open architectural lighting specifications that allow you to go to market
  • Decorative lighting options
  • Revised lighting plans with legend
  • Lighting grouping and circuiting
  • Review of window treatments and daylight management
Phase #4


Our team create detailed drawings and coordinate the build with the project team to ensure lighting is integrated properly. We complete all project information, giving you a package that allows you to start the build.

  • Full lighting specifications with part numbers and supplier details
  • Revised lighting plans including detail drawings for integration into architecture, landscape and joinery
  • Lighting controls and switching methods
  • Supplier meetings to coordinate supply and tailor any customisation
  • Budget for all architectural and decorative lighting so you can track the lighting cost from one place
Phase #5


Dark Arts never add a margin onto the cost of light fittings. Our industry connections will allow you to buy direct or at discounted rates, this often pays for our services outright!

  • Review of any alternatives put forward
  • Review of tender sums to ensure you aren’t paying heavy margins or extortionate installation fees
  • Revision of design where appropriate to suit moving budgets or timelines
  • Scene setting guides to implement the designed lighting scenes
Phase #6


Sometimes issues arise on site that require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Sam is a master at project coordination and has a level head and a problem-solving mentality.

  • Answering queries from site and advice
  • Meetings with contractors to ensure they fully understand the scope
  • Reviewing drawings from fabricators (kitchen designers, joinery etc.)
  • Review of mock-ups and decorative lighting installation
  • Periodic attendance on site as required
  • Tracking as-built drawings and specifications
Phase #7


After your prized art has been hung and your favourite furniture pieces are in place (before you break out the champagne!), Dark Arts come in to bring the design to life by setting dimmed scenes and directing light fittings to create the focus and ambience.

  • Review of project to ensure everything is installed properly
  • Supervision of lighting focussing (adjusting lighting to artwork, furniture etc.)
  • Direction of scene setting. We do this at night so we can capture the perfect ambiance for you

This is the finishing stage that is OH SO rewarding and the perfect time for some photos and a sit to celebrate under your new, tailored lighting scenes.