Architectural services

Every project is unique and so are our services. We pride ourselves on providing the best selection of lighting design services in the market.

From our easy pick-and-choose service menu you can decide our level of involvement per project stage.

Phase 1 - Concept

After a brief from the client we present our ideas with the use of sketches, mixed media, renders and mood images. We include decorative lighting options, architectural lighting design and hierarchy plans that show you how lighting will behave in each space.

Sometimes we give several options on different ways to illuminate spaces, giving you the choice that suits the unique vibe and flavour of your project.

Phase 2 - Developed

We develop the lighting design in CAD or BIM software and coordinate the design with the design team. We begin specifying architectural and decorative lighting based on your feedback from our concept package.

We present you with a scaled lighting plan and open specifications that allows you to go to market. We also offer full budget services if you want us to track the project cost.

Phase 3 - Detailed

We develop the architectural lighting plan further and complete detailed drawings showing how lighting is integrated into the building fabric.

We provide lighting calculations/renders and specify exact architectural and decorative lighting products and the intended suppliers. We finish drawing circuits and control groups and start integrating with lighting controls or automation.

We refine the budget and offer you a project cost that ensures you are protected against additional margins further down the line.

Phase 4 - Tender

Sometimes the budget comes back higher than expected. We cross check the cost put forward from the contractor against our budget to ensure you are getting the best price.

Being independent designers Dark Arts offer non-biased and comprehensive reviewing services for alternatives put forward by contractors or other suppliers. This ensures the quality of any alternatives is up to your standard and you are paying the best price on the market.


Phase 5 - Construction

Issues on site during construction stages require quick thinking and creative solutions. We offer construction coordination services for installers and suppliers, including site visits to ensure the lighting concept is implemented perfectly. We can also review shop drawings by others and provide comment.

At this stage we write guides for scene setting which allows the lighting scenes to be set up in the control system.

Phase 6 - Refine

We attend site to review the installation of the lighting and provide a list of items which require re-install or tidying up.

After furniture and artwork is installed we meet with the controls specialist and contractor on site and focus and direct all of the lighting. We review the lighting scenes and customise each setting for different times of the day and night.

We pass the controls to you and explain how you can get the most of the lighting. This is the final, magical touch at the end of your project and the perfect time to take some photos and enjoy the ambience.

Each project is different and so is our approach.

Contact us for our competitive hourly rate or ask us to draw up a personalised fee based on these services or book a meeting at our studio in Mount Eden.

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