Case study

Bingham Residence

Enclosed by neighbouring structures, this residential apartment and gallery space was missing windows on all four sides. Our brief was to create a bright space that felt like it was illuminated by daylight during the day with flexibility to turn into an art gallery or dining space at night.

Our approach was to look at the way daylight behaves naturally during different times of the day and to bring that into the building. The lighting design differs at each level to portray the way windows would provide different views to the outside world in a regular building. We went for a neutral colour temperature to help the space feel more contemporary and energetic.

Artificial spot lighting radiates down the light and stair wells through each level and gives the feeling that real daylight is pouring in from above. In high intensity, cold white light it contrasts against the other interior lighting. At each level diffused lighting is achieved through ceiling details, backlit materials. Where possible we used wall washing and lighting integrated into shelving and verticals to make the space appear well illuminated when viewed from across the room. We introduced spotlights as a means to provide accent lighting to artwork and drama at night.

With a relatively tight budget we were restricted to standard approaches and products with simple construction details. We managed this by using standard track lighting and integrating it into concealed details or adjacent to other building components to help it feel more integrated and purposeful. Diffused lighting details were designed with cost effective LED strip to get maximum light in for the lowest dollar.

Most people that see these project images assume the space is illuminated by daylight which reflects our successful adherence to the brief and gives our client a space that changes from “day” to night.

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