Case study

N Hotel

This playful, colourful hotel lobby space has several weird and wonderful pieces reflecting the high-tech, connected cities of today in a playful manner. Our custom pieces offer bright colours with changing hues of light with dynamic diffused and accent lighting.

Acting as a false ceiling covering mechanical services we designed an array of pendants which can be removed individually for above access and maintenance. The large illuminated drums reminiscent of Verner Pannton provide colour changing rings of light complimented by an illuminated dome. We designed controls groups so the lighting pieces could behave rhythmically, allowing for pulsating or waves of movement across the space.

Adorning the all day dining space with sparkle and intrigue, our bell design incorporates sections of backlit diffused panels to wash the area in high levels of light during the morning and midday period. In the centre a separately controlled and concealed spotlight provides hard lighting to the ground and provides shadows and interest.

Other Pieces
We got involved in providing other custom sketches and ideas for a dynamic totem pole and a more standard pendant arrangement for the bar area. Architectural lighting design services were also included in this project.

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