Why use an Independent Lighting Designer

As the saying goes “nothing is free.” Free lighting design services will have design fees included in the cost of the light fitting and with additional margins by wholesalers and contractors it’s no wonder that people say lighting in New Zealand is so expensive.

The design + supply process makes it difficult and awkward when you need a quotation from another lighting supplier or a different product that meets the quality, cost, or timeframe specifics. You are also limited to what products are available from that supplier.

Speaking to several lighting specialists on your project can be exhausting. Independent advice from Dark Arts will allow you to coordinate all architectural, decorative, custom, light bulbs (lamps) and lighting controls with one specialist and our advice comes without sales bias.

Save Money with Lighting

In the same way that your interior designer won’t sell you tiles, we aren’t trying to sell you lighting products. For us it doesn’t matter how many light fittings you order – You probably don’t need all those downlights…

As designers, you can expect a well considered, creative solution unique to your lifestyle or lighting project.

Dark Arts can specify any lighting product on the market, so it doesn’t matter if you want a particular chandelier from a particular supplier, and we can help you find alternatives that could be better and/or cheaper. We can also provide a design without specifications should you wish to go to the market for pricing.

Overall project costs with our independent lighting design services are generally lower because we can specify any product from the open market, helping you buy direct, import, or buy at discounted rates through our industry relationships.

Often this process pays for our services outright and you also get an amazing design!